McDowell Trip 2006

The McDowell Trip cross country. Enjoy our trip with us as we finally make our "Western" trip.

Location: Syracuse, New York, United States

I am an Eagle Scout having been a member of the Scouting fraternity for over 30 years man and boy. Now that I have graduated from SU I am preparing to become more active in the fall. I am a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church and I have recently become the Presbytery Resource Person for the Theological Education Fund of the Presbyterian Church USA. As part of my college training I designed websites for both my church and the local Presbytery. I have been married for 36 years to a warm, loving, special lady named Charlotte and we have two great children, Margie and Francis, and one grandchild, Alex, who all live in the Syracuse area. Francis is getting married in October and Margie is dating a great guy named Mike.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sixteenth Day on the Trail

Hi there, I messed up awhile back (and nobody caught it). The count above is correct. The last three posts were two days off. I posted the eighth day on the trail when it should have been the tenth day and that threw the other two off by two days each. Oh, well, that's what I get for doing this late at night after being on the road all day. By the way, if you think that I am doing all the driving you're nuts. Char usually drives after lunch which is when I get groggy. Depending on what kind of terrain and whether or not she gets sleepy or not decides how long she drives. Today for example she drove the last 100+ miles to the motel for tonight.
Now, backtracking to yesterday. We got a good start from West Yellowstone after eating at the Running Bear Pancake House. For those few who don't know my nickname is Old Bear.

We stopped briefly at Mack's Inn for a quick photo op. The young men in our family have been nicknamed Mack for several generations.

We then went on to Salt Lake City. After getting checked into the motel we had a quick swim in a cool instead of cold, outdoor instead of indoor pool. We then had dinner and headed downtown into the city to try and find the temple. The weather was threatening rain, there was no parking, and we were too tired to walk several blocks in unfamiliar territory. Oh yeah, who knew there were street cars in Salt Lake City?

Shortly after taking this we drove around the block for the last time and headed back to the motel and bed.
This morning we got on the road again headed west across a variety of terrain. Late in the morning we went by the Bonneville Salt Flats exit where they do all the high speed runs for records on the very flat desert floor. Later in the day I took this great picture of a snow capped mountain off to the south of I-80.

Another clue that we aren't in the east anymore was this sign seen at a rest stop along the trail during today's trip.

We are now THREE hours behind Syracuse time having passed into the Pacific time zone shortly after we passed over into Nevada from Utah. We stopped in Elko, NV for lunch and there was a WalMart just up the road, so we also picked up some supplies.
Tonight we are in my favorite named waystop of the trip Winnemucca, NV. This small town is spread out along I-80. It is about seven streets wide and ten streets long. We had a swim after unloading the car, went out to dinner, bought a passenger side wiper blade to replace a streaking one, some window cleaning wipes, and then headed back to the motel for the night. Tomorrow we will be heading to San Francisco, CA where we will be meeting up with Char's cousin.


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