McDowell Trip 2006

The McDowell Trip cross country. Enjoy our trip with us as we finally make our "Western" trip.

Location: Syracuse, New York, United States

I am an Eagle Scout having been a member of the Scouting fraternity for over 30 years man and boy. Now that I have graduated from SU I am preparing to become more active in the fall. I am a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church and I have recently become the Presbytery Resource Person for the Theological Education Fund of the Presbyterian Church USA. As part of my college training I designed websites for both my church and the local Presbytery. I have been married for 36 years to a warm, loving, special lady named Charlotte and we have two great children, Margie and Francis, and one grandchild, Alex, who all live in the Syracuse area. Francis is getting married in October and Margie is dating a great guy named Mike.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Nineteenth Day on the Trail

Hi All, I purposely skipped a day this time. This will be our last three day visit. We left Winnemucca, NV fairly early and got on the road. We drove through a variety of terrain from open prairie to mountainous. Char was not very happy about some of the mountainous terrain but survived it. We stopped for lunch in the mountains of California and there was some girl running around in a Darth Vader helmet and later in the full face mask, helmet, and chest communication/control unit. Gotta love the nuts we live with in this country. We got into Mill Valley north of the Golden Gate Bridge about 4:30 PM. We called Char's cousin, made contact and made plans to meet for dinner. Below is a pic of us at the Thai Restaurant where we went for dinner, a new experience for Char and I and a very delicious one. After a delightful time they dropped us back at the motel and we got to bed.

Saturday morning. After breakfast at the motel Mimi, Char's cousin, picked us up for a day of sightseeing. We went into San Francisco and toured the Japanese Gardens. This buddha statue was cast in 1870 in Japan.

Next we went further downtown where we walked over to Macy's and went upstairs for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. We all had "small" salads (Yeah, right) so we would have room for, what else, cheesecake. The salads weren't so small but they were very good and we did indeed have room for cheesecake. I can see now why there is always someone asking if there is a Cheesecake Factory coming to Syracuse area in Bob Neidt's Store Front Column and Blog for the Post Standard at home. Next we went to Fisherman's Wharf area and did the tourist bit some more. Our first stop was at Ghiardelli Square of chocolate fame. While we were there we met up with Mimi and Bob's son Josh. He and I talked of his preparation for college and other things. Another bright young person who gives me hope for our country and the future. All too soon he had to head off for work but it was great to see him again after many years. We next headed to Pier 39 to see the seals that now congregate there. They are funny as they gather and interact on the floating docks in that area.

We also got a long range view of Alcatraz in the bay.

We also came to discover, who knew, that pelicans fly in formations like geese. This was the first time that I have seen this phenomena. Unfortunately I did not get a pic of this. Later on we met up with Bob for dinner at a great Italian restaurant. After that it was back to the motel and bed for us.
Sunday morning after breakfast we met up with Mimi again for more touring of San Fran. This morning we went down to Chinatown to walk through that famous landmark area. We picked up a few more postcards and some other small presents for the home folks. The pic is of the entrance to Chinatown. Yes, that is Char on the left. Mimi is mostly hidden by the guy in the green plaid shirt. I had to shoot and run as the traffic light was changing.

We then headed back to Mill Valley for lunch at at neat little place called the Rain Forest Cafe. I had a Monte Cristo sandwich (one of my favorites) while Char settled for a BLT and Mimi had a interesting looking salad. We then headed off to the school where Mimi will be teaching history in the fall. We stopped by the horse barns at the school and I was impressed by the stable area. Everything was neat and orderly as a well run stable should be. The bad part was that it was brutally hot there. We then went up to the class room area. Boy, there was no question but that we weren't in Syracuse anymore. The school is sprawled out mostly on one level with lockers along the outside of the buildings. There are covered walkways between the buildings as a concession to cover from rain. On our way out of the school we saw one of the "students" getting a quick snack.

Mimi then dropped us back at the motel where Char and I both crashed and took major naps. The walking and heat suddenly got to us, I guess. Later on Mimi and Bob picked us up and we went to a Sizzler Restaurant for dinner. Mimi brought us back to the motel after dinner and we talked for quite a while. It was really good to see her and Bob.
Tomorrow morning we are headed for the LA area.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Frank,

Finally got some free time and chance to catch up on your adventures. Sounds like a great trip so far! Something Gail and I would like to do some day. It’s been hot here to, but I don’t think quite as hot as what you’ve been seeing. If you plan to head further so, it's really going to get hot.

One thing I want to know; what’s in a Monte Cristo sandwich? LA should be fun (more crazy’s out there). Lot's to see and do.

Looking forward to reading more of your entries. Probably won’t get a chance to do that though until we get back from summer camp (heading off to Yawgoog this Sunday). If I don't get a chace to post again, I hope the rest of your trip is a safe and enjoyable one.

Jim Dettman.

9:51 AM  
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